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A San Diego-based startup biotech company founded by Andrew Young, M.D., Ph.D. developing novel therapeutic treatments for diabetes and obesity. A proof of concept human clinical trial was completed successfully in 2009. The Series A financing was led by Mesa Verde Venture Partners. Dan Wood is on the Board and is currently Acting CEO.


A Utah-based biomarker discovery company focusing on novel, patentable diagnostic testing tools and processes with a focus on the commercialization of diagnostics for Autism and Multiple Sclerosis. A $5.8 million Series A round was led by Sanderling Ventures and vSpring Capital. Dan Wood is a member of the LineaGen Board of Directors.

Elevation Pharmaceuticals

A San Diego-based specialty pharmaceutical company aimed at reformulation of an existing COPD drugs, delivered in a nebulized format. Mesa Verde lead a convertible note financing at a discount into the Series A round of $30 million led by Canaan Partners. In September 2012, Elevation was acquired for up to $430 million by Sunovian.  Dan Wood and Carey Ng are Board Observers.


A Tucson, Arizona and San Diego-based company developing advanced and innovative infusion pump technology for fluid delivery systems based upon electro-activated polymers. Mesa Verde participated in the Series A financing. Dan Wood and Carey Ng are Board Observers.


A San Diego-based company that develops and offers innovative technologies that stabilize biological materials at room temperature. Mesa Verde participated in the Series C financing as the company's first institutional investor. Dan Wood and Carey Ng are Board Observers.


An Albuquerque and San Diego-based discovery driven, patient focused CLIA registered molecular diagnostics laboratory.  Exagen has a growing menu of proprietary, largely internally developed genomic tests to enable more accurate diagnosis of Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Mesa Verde participated in the Series A and B financing. Dan Wood is a Board Observer.

Dan Wood Led Deals at IngleWood


Saves a life each day (NASDAQ-BEAT)

$600 million + distributed market cap to IngleWood LPs
Best performing venture-backed biomedical IPO in the nation for 2008.
Wireless heart monitoring
Raised largest private round in med-tech history of $110 million
CEO chosen 2004 Entrepreneur of the Year in San Diego
Dan Wood led 1st VC round, Board member for seven years

Cylene Pharmaceuticals

Novel cancer drug in phase II trials

Started in Arizona by Dan Von Hoff and Lawrence Hurley
Dan Wood led first VC round
Unique, innovative science leading to safer drugs
$100+ million current valuation
In Phase II and Phase I Clinical Trials
Dan Wood was a Board Member for six years


Novel cancer drug in phase I trials, acquired by Biogen-Idec for up to $250 million

Technology from Sloan-Kettering
Novel science with potential against many cancers
Strong Board, Scientific, Clinical Expertise and Investors
Two phase I programs; one late-stage
Dan Wood Board Observer for five years


Cabrellis Pharmaceuticals is a spin-out from Conforma Therapeutics and is also an oncology company. Cabrellis was acquired for up to $104 million by Pharmion in November, 2006.


Novel heart imaging device (NASDAQ-DRAD)

Heart imaging by novel SPECT technology
June 2004 IPO
Approximately $75 million in annual sales
Dan Wood was Board Observer for 3.5 years